Unlocking the potential of agricultural SMEs in West Africa.
Our Investment Criteria

We invest in opportunities using the following criteria:

1. Alignment with the Company's investment themes

2. Track record and quality of management team

The character and mindset of the management team are key success factors for any investment. Injaro would give preference to entrepreneurs and management teams with a strong track record, integrity, the ambition to grow their businesses significantly, and the capacity to embrace change. In addition, the management teams of prospective investee companies must be willing to accept the increased reporting transparency and the tighter financial controls that are likely to accompany any investments made by Injaro.

3. Demonstrable growth potential

Injaro invests in companies that are strategically positioned to grow profitably within their sectors and where a clear implementation path exists for achieving that growth. Given that Injaro believes in sustainable growth and value creation, the Board shall work with prospective management teams to identify specific projects with measurable outcomes ("value creation plan") during the investment evaluation phase.

4. Positive social impact

Injaro aims to invest in companies that contribute positively to their communities. When assessing an investment, we therefore take into account social impact factors such as job creation, increased income, provision of goods and services for low-income persons, as well as local sourcing of inputs.

5. Feasible exit options

Injaro shall seek to minimize the liquidity risk through one or several of: investing in businesses with strong cash flows; structuring deals to facilitate early distributions where appropriate; giving preference to entrepreneurs who are likely to buy out Injaro's stake; and/or by investing in industry sectors that it believes will be favored by strategic acquirers or larger private equity players in the medium term. 


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