Unlocking the potential of agricultural SMEs in West Africa.

According to the Regional Economic Outlook Report of the World Economic and Financial Surveys, April 2011, the growth rate of the Sub-Saharan African community is approximately an average of 5.5% and is expected to be an average of 6% in 2012.

Why invest in  the  West African Growth Story?

Drivers   Expected Impact

Improving regional integration and governance

Strong value creation potential for agriculture
Demand-side: growing population, growing and wealthier consumer class
Supply-side: available cultivable land, low labour costs, opportunities to increase
yield productivity

Strong value creation potential for SMEs
Demand-side: growing and more affluent middle class
Supply-side: Increasing labour productivity, large labour pool

Financing gap in francophone West Africa

Commercial Returns
Food Security
Job Creation
Import Substitution
Poverty Alleviation



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