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Agricare Limited

Produces and sells animal feed in its trading area

Comptoir 2000

 Supplies improved seed to smallholder farmers in its trading area

Sekaf Ghana Ltd.

Produces and sells shea-based skin and hair care products (e.g. oils, soaps, lotions), organic and conventional shea butter to customers aroound the world. www.tamacosmetics.com

Côte d'Ivoire
Proveto SA

Supplies inputs for broiler production i.e., day-old chicks, starter feed and veterinary products to local farmers

Burkina Faso
Neema Agricole du Faso Sarl (Nafaso)

Produces improved seed for farmers in the rural western and south western regions of Burkina Faso. www.nafaso-burkina.com

Kona Agro Processing Ltd

Processes and exports cashew nuts to North American and European markets. www.konaagro.com

M&B Seeds and Agricultural Services Supplies improved seeds to smallholder farmers in the Volta Region
Faso Kaba Supplies improved seeds to smallholder farmers in Bamako and Segou
Entreprise Semencière Alheri Supplies improved seeds to smallholder farmers around Dogon-Doutchi
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